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Growing up, Sasha Herbert knew that she did not want to be a person with a typical career dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, shopkeeper, or stay at home mom; she wanted to follow a different path, something creative, something bold. Sasha has always loved art and dreamed of becoming an artist one day. And she is well on her way!

In 2009, Sasha entered a logo and slogan contest sponsored by the Federal National Development Bank Credit Union. Her logo was selected and is still being used by the bank as their official logo. Sasha also won $1000 in prize money for her entry: $500 for Basseterre High School and $500 for her personal use.

Again in 2009, Sasha entered an art contest sponsored by the Marriott. Organizers of the contest wanted to find the nation’s best young artists portraying the theme, “What St. Kitts Means to Me”. Sasha’s submission won first place in the Under 16 Senior Division for a beautiful piece displaying a sunset from one of the St. Kitts peaks. The picture can still be viewed at the Marriott’s Hall of Fame.

In 2009, 2010, and 2012, Sasha’s art was selected again; this time as a winner of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association local art competition. Her pieces denoting ways to protect the environment won second place in 2009, first place in 2010, with award placements for 2012 still pending.

Most recently Sasha’s art was on exhibit for five days at the CXC Art Exhibition at Porte Zante.

Sasha was the only student in St. Kitts to receive a CXC Distinction in Art in 2012.

When learning that she was a recipient of the Remarkable Teen award for 2012, Sasha said, “Most of my passion is channeled through ‘art’, and for me to be recognized as a Remarkable Teen in this category fills me with joy. Art is everything I am.”

A merit award winner for “Most Outstanding Performance” at Basseterre High School in 2012, Sasha was also Captain of the school’s netball team and a recipient of the TDC Scholarship program.

Sasha Herbert is 17-year old recent graduate of Basseterre High School. She currently attends Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and is enrolled in the general studies division. Sasha is being recognized as a Remarkable Teen in the category of Art.

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